End the IEP confusion and overwhelm!

Become empowered and confident!

Get Clear Answers


A safe environment for asking your questions and getting clear answers will make it easy to be sure you finally understand what has been most confusing you.  Notes provided after make it easy to attend to the conversation without trying to write it all down yourself!

Understand Your Rights and Choices

Get clear guidance on California’s special education laws and procedures, as well as on best educational practices for your child’s specific profile, all so that you know the best next steps to take.

Make Informed Decisions

After we meet, you’ll be confident as you make important decisions about your child’s education.

About Your Educational Consultant

Kimberlynn Lavelle is passionate about ensuring that all children receive an individualized education, built upon their unique strengths and interests, while helping them to overcome any challenges. This passion leads Kimberlynn to stay up-to-date on the latest research to optimize the effectiveness of her services.


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